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Uganda is home to 44 million people, with 80% of the  population living in rural areas with very limited access to good sewer systems. After seeing the success of our toilet pan technology in vast, largely rural countries like Bangladesh and India, we wanted to bring our innovative, award-winning solutions to residents in Uganda.


Our partner, Water for People, was at the forefront of piloting SATO pans, introducing the product in Uganda in 2016. In July 2017, we entered a manufacturing partnership with Nice House of Plastics (NHOP) enabling us to manufacture SATO products locally.  NHOP has facilitated the accessibility of SATO toilets in over 80% of the country by producing and stocking over 1,000 outlets in 120 districts. In addition there are more than 1,500 masons trained to install the units in these districts.


continuous innovation 

As we expand, we continually assess the unique challenges of each community and, where needed, create new products to meet local needs. Though successful in India and Bangladesh, Africa presented new challenges that we needed to overcome. Our original toilet solution contained cement within the counterweight to keep the toilet shut tight. However, in rural Africa, cement is not widely used. Therefore, we had to create an all-new plastic counterweight for the market, making it easy for Ugandan masons looking to install toilets in schools and homes. Meanwhile, most African toilets are built with a small hole which created difficulty installing our original product. To solve this, we created a new African model that takes up less space on the ground and fits into the smaller holes of local toilets.


We proudly partnered with the Uganda Sanitation for Health Activity (USHA), a USAID funded project. Our collaboration helped us not only to scale up our operations in Uganda but also to seed SATO products in the trade. Our joint marketing campaigns and promotion drives increased brand awareness and empowered local communities to realize the benefits of improved sanitation and hygiene.

Case Study

Read the case study about how we collaborated with USHA and our local partner, Nice House of Plastics, to promote SATO toilets in Uganda, allowing urbanites to bring city sanitation standards to their rural family homes.

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