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We launched our African operations in Nairobi and established a licensing agreement with our local partner SILAFRICA a manufacturer that serves Central and East African markets. Together, we have created local production and a sales network to increase the availability and affordability of our products. This has enabled us to reach communities which previously lacked access to affordable and aspirational sanitation and hygiene products.


Efforts to introduce SATO into the Kenyan market would not have been possible without our partnership with UNICEF Kenya. UNICEF, together with the Ministry of Health, organised field trials to pilot SATO toilets in Kitui in 2016. It was after the trials proved successful that we launched in Kenya in 2017. This partnership has continued with a focus on Kitui and Siaya Counties as part of the ‘Make a Splash!’ initiative.


Safer toilets, better studies

In 2021, we upgraded the toilet facilities of 110 schools in Western and Eastern Kenya in conjunction with UNICEF, the Ministry of Health, and the Embassy of Japan. This partnership has provided more than 60,000 students with a safer and cleaner space to learn. It has also created additional benefit to the broader community, because schools are often used as facilities for community gatherings in Africa. In the years to come, we will continue to impact communities through our School Toilet Enhancement Program (STEP).

We empower women

While improving sanitation for the broader community, we are also empowering women. We believe women are the backbone of our communities and, when they are empowered, we are helping to create brighter futures for them and their families.


Some of the job opportunities SATO has created for women include our Customer Experience Centre. Based in Kenya, it is predominantly operated by women. We also encourage and train female sales agents as well as artisans and masons to learn how to install SATO toilets in their communities.

Our Local Network and Contacts

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Leader, SATO Kenya

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